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Playing Video Games Professionally

Mario 11/10/2016

The idea of betting on games only happens before between friends or colleagues who are in the same room. But today, the Internet has allowed us to put our money on your favorite games and players. For video game aficionados out there, an array of websites is now offering players to participate in gaming events with the prospect of winning cash prizes, aside from the fame and prestige.

Spectators can also take part in these tournaments by placing a bet on their favored teams or players. Transactions happen online, with betting sites serving as the go-between. They are also the ones that arrange such competitions and take the buy-ins.

Playing as a Pro

Playing your favorite video game professionally seems to be “the life.” As it happens, there are people who actually work as pro video gamers, and they are bringing in a good deal of money from it.

Athletes such as Floyd Mayweather, Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the highest paid athletes in the world to date. This being said, professional video game players are also starting to make it to the list as they pocket a lot of money from competitive gaming. They also get paid from sponsorship deals, and even just by streaming to the public their practice games. For instance, Peter “ppd” Dager came away with around two million dollars from Dota 2 tournaments he participated. Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago also won a whopping million dollars from eSports. He is best known for his “vitriolic streaks of bad sportsmanship” in World of Warcraft, as The Richest put it.

Life of a Pro Gamer

According to a feature article from The Verge, eSport gamers live a life of “uncommon discipline and perseverance.” It is also typical that their parents won’t approve of their line of work. Moreover, there are instances where supporters do not see the light on any of their defeats. More so, nearly all of the money are awarded to the best player.

As attractive and enticing as a pro gamer’s life may sound, not everyone can make a living from it. As a matter of fact, Business Insider reported that around 60 eSports players did earn at least $100,000 from competitive gaming last year. But before they reap their rewards, they have to play and practice the game for at least 12 hours daily.

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