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Unique Video Games and Video Game Simulators

Mario 05/10/2017

Human beings have been fascinated by games since time immemorial it seems. Many of our most cherished games from the ancient world, Chess. Mao Jong, Go and numerous card games began their journeys as divinatory devices. Yes, trying to ascertain the future was a favourite past time in the ancient realm. Fortune telling was just that, an attempt to divine a person’s fortune, good or bad, before it befell them. Today, in the digital age, our games are all made up of pixels and bytes, but they seek to simulate real-world activities in the main.

Unique Video Games and Video Game Simulators

Fortune Builder, released in 1984, is credited as the first simulation video game, with SimCity not far behind in 1989. People even bet on the outcomes of the contests within these games, often with things other than recognised money. Skin bettors bet with the ‘skins’ or video game items of choice as their stake money online. Unique video games and video game simulators have captured the imaginations of a substantial section of the western world. For odds on a number of sporting contests, check them out, winning and losing has never been so easy and accessible for gamblers around the globe.

Video games can be funny and furious, charming and charmless, iconic and instantly forgettable, take your pick. They are legion in numbers, with game developers as prolific as rabbits. Some games involve characters, even taking out the trash; some people do this in real life and don’t find it that funny. Simulating games can reduce conceptions of the real world to, mere, fantasy of course, and this can be dangerous in the minds of simpletons. Turning everything into a game, can pull the rug out from beneath reality for some.

Then, we may be left with shooters in Los Vegas gunning down human beings, as if they were things on a flickering screen in a game. The virtual world and the real world are overlapping more and more. Who will stand victorious in the end? Will a Super Mario character loft the trophy above, mere, human beings? Game simulations are great teachers, as well, with applications in education, training, health, and throughout the corporate world. Games are only really reflections of ourselves, models of our cultural activities, sometimes warped, and often simplified. Understanding games and remembering that they are only games is important, if we are to go bravely forward into the future.



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