Children’s Entertainment: Real Life vs Virtual

Mario 14/02/2020

We seek to fill our children’s lives with love, fun and good times. We expect our kids to do the right thing by us in terms of getting an education and their behaviour at home and at school. The bar is set for good parenting at levels unimagined by previous generations. Family therapists and early educators tell us that the more we engage with our children, by spending positive time with them, the more they will benefit. Children’s entertainment: Real life vs virtual, well, I for one am a big fan of real life. Enjoy quality time with your kids from the very beginning of their lives and they will thrive like hot house flowers.

Practical Ideas for Kids & Family Fun

The building blocks for this focus on their childhood are children’s parties and events. The socialisation of your children’s lives begins with kids’ birthday parties and funtime events. These real life exchanges between your kids and their friends can be so important to their enjoyment of life and development as human beings. Play is the natural state of children and this is where they learn so much about themselves and their impressions of the world around them. Playtime is the most important thing for kids prior to the teenage years – never knowingly limit their ability to play.

Are You a Lazy Parent?

Do not fall into the lazy parent syndrome and allow your child to zombie out in front of screens. It is not enough to focus on your work and career, thinking that you are supporting your family financially. There are plenty of damaged kids living inside expensive homes and lifestyles. Here you will find plenty of SEO-driven websites about children’s entertainment. Kids need real life love and play, not virtual consolation prizes. Interact with your children at every opportunity and be in the moment with them. Kids live in the here and now, they are not, usually, thinking or worrying about other issues. If they are, then, you have a problem.

If you miss out on your children’s childhood, you will pay the price down the track and their lives will be missing something intrinsic to their humanity. Do things with your kids and make the time to do so. Show your kids the world around them by taking them to out to markets, festivals, funtime events, concerts, art exhibitions, museums, theme parks, swimming pools, beaches, nature walks, BBQs, shared public spaces and on regular holidays. Children’s entertainment: real life vs virtual – ask yourself whether you are a real parent or a virtual one?

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